Victoria Daly Local Government Reform Update

29 December, 2013

The Minister for Local Government, David Tollner, has announced further details of the separation of the Victoria Daly council into two and the make-up of the Transition Committee to provide advice on the process. "The Victoria Daly Shire Council will be split into two separate regional councils," Mr Tollner said. "A new regional council will be set up in the Wadeye and Peppimenarti area, and the current Victoria Daly Shire Council will continue with a smaller area."

The Minister has appointed a Transition Committee to oversee the creation of a new regional council in the Wadeye-Peppimenarti region, and a continuing council for the
Victoria Daly region. "The committee will meet regularly from January 2014, to provide advice and direction on a wide range of transition issues, with a view to establishing the new regional council by July 2014," Mr Tollner said."We have appointed a good mix of people from the new council area, from the continuing council area, from the Australian Government, the NT government, and from LGANT."

The following people will be appointed to the Transition Committee:

  • Miriam Rose Baumann (Nauiyu)
  • Veronica Birrell (Councillor, Victoria Daly Shire Council, Pine Creek)
  • Mark Coffey (Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet)
  • John De Koning (NT Department of Local Government and Regions)
  • Stuart Duncan (CEO, Victoria Daly Shire Council)
  • Steven Hennessy (Acting Mayor, Victoria Daly Shire Council, NT Grants Commission)
  • Tony Jack (Vice President LGANT, Mayor, Roper Gulf Shire Council)
  • Georgina Macleod (Councillor, Victoria Daly Shire Council, Daguragu-Kalkarindji)
  • Tobias Nganbe (Wadeye)
  • Joseph Parry (Councillor, Victoria Daly Shire Council, Woodycupaldiya)
  • Damien Ryan (President LGANT, Mayor, Alice Springs Town Council)
  • The Late H Wilson (Councillor, Victoria Daly Shire Council, Peppimenarti)
  • Gerry Wood (Member for Nelson, NT Legislative Assembly)

The Transition Committee will be supported by the Department of Local Government and Regions, with further assistance from the Victoria Daly Shire Council and LGANT as required.

The Transition Committee's Terms of Reference are similar to those that were applied during the Northern Territory shire reforms in 2008 and the Queensland shire deamalgamations in 2013 including:

  • providing advice on the proposed transition methodology;
  • providing advice on the new regional council name, boundaries and elections;
  • providing advice on the interim governance and operational frameworks;
  • providing advice on the continuity of services during the transition period;
  • providing advice on the implementation of transition processes including the transfer of assets, staffing and administration;
  • providing advice on the establishment of Local Authorities in communities; and
  • providing advice on informing communities and stakeholders during the transition.

Following new legislation enabling the creation of Regional Councils and Local Authorities, new legislation passed in December 2014 enables the Minister for Local
Government and Regions to make restructuring orders that will facilitate the process of creating a new council.

"While it was clear that Wadeye and Peppimenarti wanted a new council, after consulting with the Nauiyu/Daly River area, a majority wish to remain with the current Victoria Daly
council," Mr Tollner said. "Therefore, to ensure these people keep a voice during the process, in March next year the Northern Territory Electoral Commission will run a by-election for the Milgiln ward of the Victoria Daly council."

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