Reviewable Decisions

West Daly Regional Council is empowered by law to make decisions on many matters of importance for their local communities. Decisions may be made in formally constituted council meetings, or under delegated authority of the council. Neither the mayor nor the councillors have the legal authority to individually act or make decisions on behalf of the council.

In accordance with the Local Government Act (2019) and good governance principals West Daly Regional Council decision making is transparent and accountable with some decisions made by council being reviewable.

The following categories of decisions are designated as reviewable:

1. The council may, on its own initiative, change an entry in the assessment record; section 232.

2. A person may apply to the council, free of charge, for the correction of an entry in the assessment record; section 233.

3. A regulatory order imposed on council can be reviewed; section 286;

4. When the council makes a decision to refuse to suppress a person's details in publicly available material; section 293.

Should you wish further clarification on what a reviewable decision is please contact the Governance & Quality Assurance Officer on 08) 7922 6403 or email