All enquires relating to Council policies can be directed to our Governance Officer on 08 7922 6412 or emailed to governance@westdaly.nt.gov.au


GOV01 Casting Vote (Elected Member, Local Authority and Council Committee) Policy
GOV02 Breach of Code of Conduct (Elected Member, Local Authority and Council Committee) Policy
  Schedule 1 Code of Conduct
  Breach of Code of Conduct complaint form
GOV03 Conflict of Interest (Elected Member, Local Authority and Council Committee) Policy
GOV04 Conduct of Council Meetings (Elected Member, Local Authority and Council Committee) Policy
GOV05 Allowances and Expenses (Elected Member) Policy
GOV06 Gifts, Benefits and Hospitality (Elected Member) Policy
GOV07 Mayor's Work Entitlements
GOV08 Induction and Training (Elected Member, Local Authority and Council Committee) Policy
GOV09 Code of Conduct (CEO) Policy
GOV10 Procurement Policy
GOV11 Use of Common Seal Policy
GOV12 Filling Casual vacancies (Elected Member) Policy
GOV13 Shared Services and Collective Procurement Policy
GOV14 Annual Return of Interest Policy
GOV15 Information Privacy Policy
GOV16 Human Resource Management Policy
GOV17 Confidential Information and Business Policy
GOV18 Rate Concessions Policy
GOV19 Accountable Forms Policy
GOV20 Caretaker Policy
GOV21 Recruitment Remuneration and Performance Review (CEO) Policy
GOV22 Asset Management Policy
GOV23 Community Events
GOV24 Cultural Business
GOV25 Dealing with Public Complaints
GOV26 Elections - staff
GOV27 Entertainment and Hospitality
GOV28 Gifts and Benefits - Staff
GOV29 Information Technology
GOV30 Local Authorities
GOV31 Security - Personell and Assets
GOV32 Natural Disasters
GOV33 Whistleblowing
GOV34 Community Permits - Contractors and Staff
GOV35 Records Management
GOV36 Credit Card by Chief Executive Officer 
GOV37 Gifts and Benefits by Chief Executive Officer 



Policy Number

Policy Name                                                                

PC01 Code of Conduct Employee
PC02  Staff Gifts and Benefits Policy
PC03  Relocation Assistance Policy
PC04 Alcohol and Other Drugs Policy
PC05  Grievance Resolution Policy
PC06  Staff Conflict of Interest Policy 
PC07  Staff Housing Policy
PC09 Recruitment and Selection 
PC14 Technology and Social Media Usage 
PC16  Study Leave and Assistance Policy
HR02 Asset Management
HR07 Discipline Policy
HR16 Plane Charters
HR19 Risk Management and Framework
HR27 Workplace Bullying and Harrasment Policy



WHS01  Motor Vehicle Policy
WHS02  Fatigue Management Policy
WHS03  Smoke-free Workplace and Environment Policy 
WHS04  Uniforms and Protective Clothing Policy 
WHS05 Work Health and Safety Policy
WHS06 Communicable Diseases 
HR38 Occupational Violence Policy
PC40 Swimming Pool Policy








Policy Number

Policy Name

FIN03 Borrowings
FIN06 Credit Cards Policy
FIN07 Debt Management
FIN08 Delegation Policy
FIN10 Fraud Protection Plan
FIN11 Fuel Cards Policy
FIN14 Investments Policy 
FIN26 Personal Tax Liability Policy