Organisational Structure 2023

West Daly Regional Council operates under a functional organisation structure, led by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

The Chief Executive Officer reports directly to Council. The CEO is responsible for establishing and maintaining an organisational structure that ensures the decisions of the Council are implemented, and its vision and Council's Regional Plan are delivered. The CEO also provides timely advice to Council.

The Senior Leadership Team is appointed by the CEO and assists in the overall leadership and governance of the organisation. 

Senior Leadership Team members include:

  • Acting Chief Executive Officer – Mark Blackburn
  • Acting Chief Operations Officer - Lemaki Curulala
  • Executive Director, Corporate Services - David Glover
  • People and Culture Manager - Dorothea Janczewska
  • Senior Accountant - Tinos Rushwaya

The organisational structure is based on functional activity and common objectives in order to:

  • meet the community's needs;
  • provide quality and efficient services;
  • support the stimulation and strengthening of the local economy; and
  • provide the most efficient and effective administration for the operation.