Council Members

West Daly Regional Council consists of members elected or appointed to the Council under the Local Government Act

(1) The role of a member of a council is:

(a)     to represent the interests of all residents and ratepayers of the council area; and

(b)     to provide leadership and guidance; and

(c)     to facilitate communication between the members of the council's constituency and the council; and

(d)     to be properly informed to enable participation in the deliberations of the council and its community activities; and

(e)     to ensure, as far as practicable, that the council acts honestly, efficiently and appropriately in carrying out its statutory responsibilities; and

(f)      to ensure that council resources are used prudently and solely in the public interest; and

(g)     to actively monitor the financial affairs of the council.

(2)   However, a member of the council has no power to direct or control staff of the council, or to interfere with the management of staff of the council.

(3)   A member of the council has a duty to act, at all times, in what the member genuinely believes to be the best interests of the council's constituency.

West Daly Regional Council is represented by the following people:


Contact details

 Mayor Ralph Narburup


Thamarrurr/Pindi Pindi (Wadeye)

Phone:0473 024 438

Mayor Ralph can be contacted through the Council office in Wadeye.

Deputy Mayor Wilfred Harris

Thamarrurr/Pindi Pindi (Wadeye)

Phone: 0488 242 936

Deputy Mayor Wilfred can be contacted through the Council office in Wadeye.

Councillor John Wilson

Tyemerri (Peppimenarti)


Councillor John can be contacted through the Council office in Peppimenarti.

Councillor Terry Sams