Regional Plan 2018-19

West Daly Regional Council's Regional Plan 2018-19 

Council Vision
The vision of the West Daly Regional Council is to:
• Deliver quality services to communities and homelands;
• Support development opportunities including local jobs for local people; and
• Improve the quality of life for residents in our region.

Council Values
The key values of Council are:
• Respect – we are respectful of our local cultures and in the way we work together
• Integrity – we are honest and accountable for our work and outcomes
• Openness – we are open in our work and involve our local communities
• Innovation – we actively seek out new approaches to improve our work

Council Goals
Council’s current and long term goals are:
1. Developing our Region;
2. Servicing our Residents;
3. Engaging our Communities; and
4. Strengthening our Organisation.