Local Authorities in the West Daly Region

West Daly Regional Council values are: Respect - Integrity - Honesty - Openness - Equality

Our residents are encouraged to come along to Local Authority meetings to have your say. The dates and times are advertised in the community office.

Local Authorities are the "voice" of the community and together make recommendations to Council based on the Regional Plan that is the 'wish list' for your area. Council strives to support the retention of cultural identity at the local community level and the governance structure ensures that Council receives timely and relevant information on issues affecting community members.

Every Council meeting, the members consider the recommendations received from the Local Authorities and based on all the information will make a decision on whether to go ahead. After the Council meetings the Local Authorities are informed of Council decisions/actions.

The Local Authorities are scheduled to meet four (4) times in a financial year being from 1 July to 30 June.

The Council's Mayor and Deputy Mayor have an obligation and are privileged, by virtue of their position, to serve as members of each Local Authority. Elected Members appointed to Local Authorities are representatives of the Ward which the Local Authority is located.

The following are our Local Authority members appointed on 29 September 2021:


1. Leon Melpi (Chairperson)

2. Damien Tunmuck

3. Mark Ninnal

4. Timothy Dumoo

5. Cyril Ninnal

6. Ken James

7. Basil Parmbuk

8. Margaret Perdjert

9. Anne Marie Nudjulu

10. Gregory Munar

11. Steven Pulchen

12. Wilfred Harris (Acting Mayor)

13. Jake Clark (Councillor)

14. Mark Tunmuck-Smith (Councillor)



1. Amy Narburup (Chairperson)

2. Moses Wodidj

3. Warren Wodidj

4. John Paul Wodidj

5. Jeff Wodidj

6. Alex Jacky

7. Sandra Jacky

8. Rodger Wodidj

9. Jack Wodidj

10. Jimmy Murielle

11. Lorraine Keringbo

12. Mary Wodidj

13. Wilfred Harris (Acting Mayor)

14. Ralph Narburup (Councillor)



1. Karl Lukonavic (Chairperson)

2. Henry Wilson

3. Annunciata Wilson

4. Joanne Kerr

5. Nathan Wilson

6. Anastasia Wilson

7. Kim Phipat

8. Leaya Smith

9. John Wilson (Councillor)

10. Wilfred Harris (Acting Mayor)

11. Vacancy

12. Vacancy

13. Vacancy

14. Vacancy