Local Authorities in the West Daly Region

Local Authority Meetings 2019

Peppimenarti @ 1:30am  Wadeye @ 10:30am  Palumpa @ 9:30am
Tuesday 16 April 2019  Wednesday 1 May 2019  Tuesday 16 April 2019 
Tuesday 18 June 2019  Wednesday 19 June 2019  Tuesday 18 June 2019 

Tuesday 3 September 2019

Wednesday 4 September 2019 

Tuesday 3 September 2019 

Tuesday 5 November 2019  Wednesday 6 November 2019  Tuesday 5 November 2019 









Our Regional Council works together with the Local Authorities in Wadeye, Nganmarriyanga and Peppimenarti ​

Local Authority Members  

Peppimenarti Local Authority  (Call for Nominations Issued) 

Karl Lukanovic (Chairperson) 
Annunciata Wilson
Henry Wilson 
Anthony Thomas 
Leanne Black  
Nathan Wilson 
Leaya Smith 
Chelsea Collins 
Mayor Wilson 
Deputy Mayor Sams 



Wadeye LA Members 
Leon Melpi (Chairperson)
Cyril Ninal 
Alphonsus Kungul 
Damien Tunmuck 
Ken James 
Wilfred Harris 
Mark Ninal 
Mayor Wilson 
Cr. Mark Martin 
Cr. Wally Minjin 
Cr. Mark Tunmuck-Smith 



Nganmarriyanga LA Members 
Amy Narburup  (Rotating Chairperson)
Andrea Cameron (Rotating Chair person)
Moses Wodidj 
Warren Wodidj 
John Paul Wodidj 
Jeff Wodidj 
Jill Wodidj 
Sandra Jacky 
Alec Jacky 
Roger Wodidj 
Mayor Wilson 
Cr. Narburup 


Residents are encouraged to bring matters of concern or urgent issues for the community to their Local Authority.

The Local Authorities are the "voice" of the people and make recommendations to Council. Council consider the recommendations of the Local Authorities at their general meetings. After the council meetings the Local Authorities are informed of Council decisions/actions.

Local Authorities were formed in October 2013 following the 2013 review undertaken by the Northern Territory Government to address the concerns of regional remote community members regarding the effectiveness of the governance and service arrangements established after the 2008 reform of local government.

The establishment of these authorities allows Council to be more responsive and more connected to community members. The new structure ensures flexibility in dealing with local issues and local community difference. Council strives to support the retention of cultural identity at the local community level and the new governance structure ensures that Council receives timely and relevant information on issues affecting community members.

The Local Authorities are scheduled to meet four (4) times per financial year: